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The Scot & the Sorceress Special Edition ebook

The Scot & the Sorceress Special Edition ebook

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Embittered by his losses and thwarted in his pursuit of vengeance, Murdoch is sworn to avenge his father by striking a blow against his enemy, the Silver Wolf. But the wise woman of the woods offers herself in exchange for peace, Murdoch cannot resist temptation. The mysterious beauty lights a fire in his blood, a need for more than vengeance, and Murdoch finds himself enchanted.

Nyssa is blessed with visions of the future to come, but believes that she is the last of her lineage of healers. When she dreams that her sister’s daughter yet lives but is in peril, she knows she must find the child, defend her and teach her. She strikes a bargain with Murdoch, a warrior with fearsome fighting skills, to aid in her quest, never guessing that her need for his touch will be so overwhelmingly powerful—or that she has the power to heal his wounds from the past.

Bound together by passion, Murdoch and Nyssa journey north to confront the shadows of her past. When Nyssa surrenders to her enemies for the sake of her sister’s child, Murdoch realizes that he must defend justice everywhere, beginning with the rescue of his beloved—no matter the cost to himself. Can Nyssa and Murdoch each relinquish the burden of the past to claim the promise of a future together?

* * *

This special edition includes the Blood Brothers illustration of Murdoch and Nyssa, as well as the Blood Brothers map and 3 Blood Brothers family trees.

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