Collection: The Dragonfire Novels

For millennia, the shape-shifting dragon warriors known as the Pyr have lived peacefully as guardians of both the four elements and the earth’s treasures. But now the final reckoning between the Pyr, who count humans among the earth’s treasures, and the Slayers, who would eradicate both humans and the Pyr who protect them, has begun…

Dragonfire is a paranormal romance series featuring dragon shape shifter heroes on quest to save humanity. Although each book stands alone as a complete romance, it’s easier to follow the over-riding story arc by reading the books in sequence.

1. Kiss of Fire (Quinn and Sara)
2. Kiss of Fury (Donovan & Alex)
3. Kiss of Fate (Erik & Eileen)
4. Winter Kiss (Delaney & Ginger)
5. Harmonia's Kiss (a short story)
6. Whisper Kiss (Niall & Rox)
7. Darkfire Kiss (Rafferty & Melissa)
8. Flashfire (Lorenzo & Cassie)
9. Ember's Kiss (Brandon & Lix)
10. Kiss of Danger (a novella - Alexander & Katina)
11. Kiss of Darkness (a novella - Damian & Petra)
12. Kiss of Destiny (a novella - Thad & Aura)
13. Serpent's Kiss (Thorolf & Chandra)
14. Firestorm Forever (Sloane & Samantha, Drake & Ronnie, Marcus & Jac)

Here Be Dragons is the series world guide and companion.

The stories of the Pyr continue with The DragonFate Novels and The Darkfire Chronicles. The Dragon Diaries is a paranormal YA spin-off, featuring the coming-of-age of Zoê the new Wyvern (and daughter of Erik and Eileen.)