Collection: The DragonFate Novels

The DragonFate series features the Pyr‘s battle against Maeve, the dark Fae queen who wants to exterminate all species she considers unnatural (because they are half human). We met Maeve in Firestorm Forever and glimpsed her souvenir gallery of species she had already eliminated. In this series, she targets the Pyr and other species in the world – and the Pyr come to the defense of shifters like themselves, led by the spark of the firestorm. What I like about this series is that there are lots of paranormal creatures in the cast, as well as some humans and an opinionated ghost—and the destined mates of the Pyr also have powers of their own.

1. Maeve's Book of Beasts
2. Dragon's Kiss (Kristofer & Bree the Valykyrie)
3. Dragon's Heart (Rhys & Lila the selkie)
4. Dragon's Mate (Hadrian & Rania the swan maiden assassin)