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The Crusader's Vow ebook

The Crusader's Vow ebook

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Fergus’ heart was broken forever—until Leila tempted him to love again…

Returning home to Scotland triumphant and entrusted with the precious relic of the Templars, Fergus is stunned to learn that his beloved Isobel has wed another man. He knows he will never love again, so a marriage of convenience to his friend and comrade, Leila, seems a fitting compromise. At least it will give Leila the security of a home and husband, even if it offers far less than Fergus desired of marriage…

Leila fears her past will pursue her, compelling to return to her former life, until Fergus offers the ideal solution. She yearns for more than a practical match with the valiant Highlander, but hopes to win his heart before revealing the love she has kept secret from him. All might end well, if Fergus’ former betrothed would just relinquish her hold upon him…

When those who hunt the Templar treasure in Fergus’ possession identify its location, both Fergus and Leila could lose far more than their marriage. Will they triumph over the past and trust each other in time to find happiness together?

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