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The Crusader's Kiss ebook

The Crusader's Kiss ebook

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Bartholomew burns to avenge the past—until Anna gives him a future…

Bartholomew returns to England to avenge his parents and reclaim his stolen legacy, only to be challenged by a band of thieves in the woods of the estate that was once his home. He captures the bold leader, only to discover that she is a maiden in disguise, with the wit and audacity that seizes his attention. He suggests a mock marriage to gain access to the keep, never guessing the union will tempt them both to desire more—but can Bartholomew trust a woman who survives by deception?

Anna wants only justice for the people of Haynesdale, no matter what the price, and does not welcome the interference of a foreign knight, however handsome he might be. Bartholomew could be a useful ally, if only she could be certain of his goals. Is this maddening and charming knight just using her to learn all she knows of the holding’s history for some mysterious cause?

When Bartholomew’s identity as the lost heir of Haynesdale is revealed, he becomes the prey of those who destroyed his family. Can he and Anna forget their distrust and work together for the future of Haynesdale—and their dawning love? 

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