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The Brides of North Barrows Trade Paperback - Signed

The Brides of North Barrows Trade Paperback - Signed

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The Brides of North Barrows includes all four Regency romance novellas in the Brides of North Barrows series by Claire Delacroix. In this series, two orphaned sisters are inspired to make love matches and dream of future happiness.

In Something Wicked This Way Comes, Sophia is disguised as the governess of Daphne and Eurydice when she meets Lucien again, the man who broke her heart, and he sees through her charade. She dreams of a second chance at love, but Lucien has made a deal with a demon to see her avenged and the demon will collect his due on All Hallow’s Eve—can they join forces to break the curse and win a future together?

In A Duke by Any Other Name, Daphne is on the way to Christmas wedding and dreams of her own nuptials. When she encounters a foppish duke, she’s determined to make the most of a rare opportunity. But there’s much more to Alexander than meets the eye, and Daphne is the one to pierce his disguise. Will the beguiling maiden jeopardize his mission for the crown, or will they corner the jewel thief together?

In A Baron for All Seasons, Anthea accepts her brother Alexander’s invitation to leave Scotland for London to organize his wedding to Daphne. She hasn’t visited town since she was accused of theft, but discovers that Rupert, her brother’s friend, has been working valiantly to clear her name. They join forces to locate the last missing gem, and their love blossoms. Anthea would wed Rupert for love, but he has no inheritance and won’t ask her to live with less—will these two star-crossed lovers find a way to be together?

In A Most Inconvenient Earl, Eurydice is convinced that a practical match will suit her best. She resolves to wed a wealthy rogue and let him do as he will in town while she writes in his country house. Alexander’s friend Sebastian is the ideal choice, so she proposes to him. Sebastian is astonished and intrigued by this unconventional offer and accepts out of curiosity. The couple elope and flee to London, finding adventure, romance and love along the way. But can a smitten Sebastian convince Eurydice to make their marriage of convenience into a real one?

The Brides of North Barrows includes four Regency romance novellas, brimming with disguises and mistaken identities, hidden heirs, second chances and a marriage of convenience that becomes so much more. Join Daphne and Eurydice for romance, intrigue and love forevermore!

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