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Spring Fever MMPB - Signed

Spring Fever MMPB - Signed

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Reyna knows happily-ever-after isn’t in her future…
But after three years of solitude, Reyna is ready for a fling. She’s learned her lesson with bad boys and long-term expectations, so her neighbor’s visiting nephew is the perfect man to lead into temptation. But Kade has a gift for breaking her rules and ensuring Reyna doesn’t regret it, which means one night becomes two…

Kade believes in putting the past where it belongs…
Kade was always waiting for the right woman, and one night with Reyna convinces him that he’s found her. It’s more than great sex and good conversation: Reyna’s determination to shape her life inspires him to rebuild his own, and he knows they’ll be a great team. All he has to do is convince her to take a chance on him and forever. When Reyna’s past catches up to them both, will it destroy their new partnership before the future begins?

This is the original cover for the book now titled Just One Vaction Night. The series name changed from Secret Heart Ink to Flatiron Five Tattoo, but Reyna and Kade's story is the same.

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