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Just the Wrong Twin Trade Paperback - Signed

Just the Wrong Twin Trade Paperback - Signed

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Sonia is ready to take a chance…
It’s ten years since she reclaimed her life and it’s time to celebrate. When boy-next-door Nate Buchanan arrives looking hot and dangerous at Jacquie and Pierce’s wedding, Sonia hears opportunity knocking. Bringing Nate home might turn out to be the smartest impulse she’s ever had—Mr. Right-Now might even be a contender for Mr. Right. But then Sonia’s secrets start to reveal themselves—with the help of her troublemaking twin sister—and her past puts everything at risk.

Nate won’t miss his chance…
Ex-Marine and former weightlifting coach Nate knows better than to expect happily-ever-after. He’s good with enjoying the moment. Nate has a new dream job, a new car and a new chance to make his life what he wants it to be. No more looking back at what he’s lost. One last visit to Flatiron Five Fitness and it’s goodbye, Manhattan—until Sonia propositions him. Nate knows he can’t give Sonia what she wants, but he can’t resist the chance of one night to remember. Sonia’s secrets make Nate want to defend her—even though he knows that more than one-and-done can only lead to heartbreak. Can Sonia convince him take a chance on the future again?

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