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Dragonfire: The Complete Series ebook

Dragonfire: The Complete Series ebook

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Only one kind of dragon will survive the Dragon’s Tail Wars…

In the final battle between the dragon shifters known as the Pyr and their enemies, the dragon shifters known as the Slayers, only one kind can survive. The Pyr are pledged to defend the treasures of the earth, including their destined mates. The Slayers are bent on exterminating humans from the face of the planet. When dragons soar into battle, each Pyr has his role to play, but when the firestorm sparks, his loyalties are divided. The firestorm – indicating the presence of his fated mate and the one woman who ban bear his son – snares each Pyr between his responsibility to his own kind, his burning need to defend his mate, and the battle against Slayers who inevitably attack.

The war begins with Kiss of Fire, when the Smith of the Pyr, Quinn, follows the heat of the firestorm to his mate, Sara—can he defend her alone or will he have to rejoin the Pyr he so distrusts? In Kiss of Fury, Donovan is assigned to protect a scientist afraid of dragons—can he resist Alex, the mate he never wanted, when she steals his heart? In Kiss of Fate, Erik, the leader of the Pyr, has an unexpected second chance with his fated mate—can he and Eileen heal the wounds of the past to create a future together while battling Erik’s old foe?

In Winter Kiss, Delaney is determined to destroy the Dragon’s Blood Elixir that gives the Slayers immortality, regardless of the cost to himself—but when his fiery mate, Ginger, is at risk, he has to survive to ensure her safety. In the short story, Harmonia’s Kiss, Drake and the Dragon Legion hunt an old evil in their ancient homeland. In Whisper Kiss, Niall is battling his twin brother when his firestorm sparks with tattoo artist Rox—can these two opposites overcome their differences to defeat the Slayers? In Darkfire Kiss, Rafferty and his mate, Melissa, set out to destroy the Slayers‘ hidden Academy despite the odds against them—can their firestorm ever be satisfied, given Melissa’s past?

In Flashfire, outcast and illusionist Lorenzo has rejected his Pyr legacy, until photographer Cassie is at risk—can he embrace his surrendered powers to save his firestorm and her? In Ember’s Kiss, pro surfer Brandon wants nothing to do with dragons or the Pyr—can his destined mate, Liz, an elemental witch, help him overcome the past when he’s caught in a Slayers spell? In the three Dragon Legion novellas, Kiss of Danger, Kiss of Darkness and Kiss of Destiny, the darkfire crystal sweeps Drake and the Dragon Legion into the past—can these warriors make their second chances at love count with the elemental witches who are their mates?

In Serpent’s Kiss, Thorolf is targeted and enchanted by Slayers determined to snatch victory in the last moments of the Dragon’s Tail Wars—can his mysterious mate, a shapeshifter in her own right, guide him through the maze between myth and reality to fulfill his destiny? In Firestorm Forever, Sloane, the Apothecary of the Pyr, has to heal the world after a deadly virus is brought from the ancient world by Slayers and released on the world—can he persuade upon his destined mate, Samantha, a medical researcher, whose only son was killed by the virus, to work alongside the Pyr?

Dragonfire: The Complete Series includes all fourteen works in the Dragonfire series of passionate, thrilling, paranormal romances by Deborah Cooke, featuring the Pyr, hot dragon shifter heroes, and their fated mates locked in an epic battle against the evil Slayers. Dive into the paranormal realm of the Pyr and the Dragon’s Tail War, a dragon fight to the finish between the Pyr and the Slayers for domination of the world. Grab this enormous digital boxed set today and watch the sparks of the firestorm fly!

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