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Dragonfire Reunion Hardcover - Signed

Dragonfire Reunion Hardcover - Signed

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Dragonfire Reunion is the third omnibus in The Dragonfire Novels: The Complete Series and includes the books that feature the gathering of outcasts and outsiders of the Pyr, to aid in the Dragon’s Tail Wars between the Pyr, dragon shifters pledged to defend the treasures of the earth, and the evil Slayers, dragon shifters bent on destroying both the Pyr and the humans they protect.

In Flashfire, Lorenzo has no interest in joining his fellow dragon shifters until his destined mate, Cassie, tracks him down in the hope of photographing one of the Pyr. Lorenzo makes a deal with her, never guessing that the defense of his mate will persuade him to embrace the powers he’s denied for centuries.

In Ember’s Kiss, Brandon distrusts his shifting abilities, but one look at Liz sets his dragon on fire. Liz understands the burden of a powerful legacy all too well, since she’s on the run from her own—can Liz and Brandon work together to defeat the evil Slayer who has cursed Brandon, and claim the promise of the firestorm?

In Harmonia’s Kiss, the Dragon’s Tooth Warriors return to the place of their enchantment to battle an ancient and wily foe. They thought Cadmus defeated before: will he defeat them in this fight or will they destroy his wickedness forever?

In Kiss of Danger, the Dragon Legion travel back in time with the aid of the darkfire crystal, in search of their firestorms, their mates, and their lost pasts. Alexander has a second chance with his beloved Katina, but she has secrets that challenge his trust.

In Kiss of Darkness, Damien finds his mate pregnant and captive in the underworld, but Petra’s influence is just as powerful as ever. Will the heartbreaker of the Pyr risk even his own heart to save his mate and their son?

In Kiss of Destiny, Thad follows the spark of the firestorm to his mate, a nymph named Aura. He enters the realm of the gods in pursuit of her heart, but finds a greater enemy, demanding vengeance upon the Pyr. Will Aura be the demanded price? Or can Thad save her, his firestorm, and the future of his kind?

These omnibus editions were launched in my first Kickstarter campaign and are not available at retailers. Dragonfire Reunion is a huge hardcover book, with a dust jacket. The case laminate is blue with gold foil on the spine. You can see the first omnibus, Dragonfire Quest, in this video on my YouTube channel.
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