Collection: The Bride Quest

The Bride Quest is a series of medieval romances with a fairy tale tone. This is my second fictional medieval realm, the one that includes Montvieux, Tullymullagh, Airdfinnan and other locations.

1. The Princess (Luc & Brianna)
2. The Damsel (Burke & Alys)
3. The Heiress (Rowan & Bronwyn)
4. The Countess (Duncan & Eglantine)
5. The Beauty (Angus & Jacqueline)
6. The Temptress (Bayard & Esmeraude)

The first three books follow the adventures of three brothers and the next three feature a widow and her two daughters. The series is structured as two trilogies, so you can begin either at book #1 or book #4, but as continuing characters have cameo appearances throughout the series, I think it’s better to start with book #1.

In 2023, to coincide with the publication of the 25th anniversary commemorative editions of The Bride Quest, two new stories were added to the series: 7. Christmas at Tullymullagh and 8. Easter at Airdfinnan.