New Blood Brothers Special Editions

New Blood Brothers Special Editions

Last month, I had a Kickstarter campaign to build new special editions of my Blood Brothers series of medieval romances. Each of the four special editions features a new illustration of the couple, created by Dar Albert.

The hardcover editions have the new illustration on the case laminate, with a separate dust jacket. The trade paperback editions have the new illustration duplexed on the cover i.e. it's printed on the inside. The ebooks have the illustration included in the file.

The new editions also have additions to the interior, including a Blood Brothers map and family trees. There are nine family trees in total: one for Jean le Beau and his sons which appears in all four books, then two for each book, showing the hero and the heroine's lineage. These books will not be available at retailers, so you can find them under the Store Exclusives tab.

The Kickstarter fulfillment will be completed first, so there's a new pre-order page here in the store for the print editions. (It's right on the menu bar.) Orders will be gathered until June 1 and then the books will be ordered for fulfillment. You can expect these signed print books to ship in July.

The special edition ebooks aren't there yet as Blood Brothers will be enrolled in Kindle Unlimited for a single term around the end of March. The special edition ebooks will be available here in the store after that term is completed, around June 1. (Note that the regular ebook editions will also be unpublished from the store for 90 days beginning at the end of March.)

The two sample copies of The Hunter & the Heiress are also available here in the store. These are the books ordered for the video of the new editions, to show the illustrations in place. They do not include the additional materials (the map and family trees). Since they're one-offs, they're available at a discount.

I added spiral bound notebooks to the Kickstarter campaign, each featuring one of the new illustrations. It made more sense to round up the order quantity, so I will be adding some of them to the store once they arrive. They really did come out well so keep an eye out for those.

You can find the Blood Brothers pre-order page here, and see the new illustrations on that page, too.

I hope your March has started off well!
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