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The Temptress 25th Anniversary HardCover

The Temptress 25th Anniversary HardCover

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Esmeraude of Ceinn-beithe knows that she alone can name the winner of her heart. To the knights gallant who ride from afar to do her bidding, she issues a challenge: a riddle that is both quest and test. And then she flees, daring her suitor to follow. Thus begins the Bride Quest of Bayard of Villonne, to compete for the hand of a woman he has never seen…

Newly returned from the Crusades, Bayard has warned his family of a pending attack upon their estate. When they pay no heed to his message, he swears to protect the family holding himself…even if its price is a marriage of convenience. It seems a simple matter to win the hand of a rural maid in a barbarian contest—until the chase begins. Esmeraude’s challenge makes her far more intriguing than Bayard had dared to hope.

But when he follows her across the waters and rescues a tattered, ravishing damsel in disguise, he knows he has found her. Recklessly, she offers herself to the handsome stranger. But not even a passion that touches both their souls can win her hand. For Esmeraude will settle for nothing less than total surrender of the crusader’s worn and weary heart…a treasure Bayard is determined to keep shielded forever.

A magical tale…brims with rich, historical detail, entertaining banter and romantic tension!“—Publishers Weekly

This 25th anniversary commemorative hardcover edition includes both a dust jacket and an illustration on the case laminate, as well as the Bride Quest family trees. It also includes the Bride Quest novella, Easter at Airdfinnan.

You can see all of the Bride Quest 25th anniversary commemorative editions in this video.

Here's the illustration of Bayard and Esmeraude for this new edition:

new illustration for the 25th anniversary editions of The Temptress

This image shows the dust jacket on the left and the case laminate on the right:

The Temptress 25th anniversary hardcover edition

Your book will be signed by Claire and shipped from Canada.

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